I’m always surprised by how people get excited about drinking. Growing up, if you can drink a lot, it’s seen as cool and strength of character. When you’re a teenager, I can understand it. Especially if you drink earlier than the legal age. It’s like forbidden fruit; something that you shouldn’t really be doing and there is that fear of getting caught. Of course there is the added factor of peer pressure and trying to fit in. So for teenagers, I kind of get it. But what about adults? What is it that drives people to drink? Is it a way to deal with stress or an unhappy lifestyle? Is it a way to escape from the work week or even from family life?

When I was a teenager, I loved drinking. I thought it was so cool, and I would often sneak into the kitchen to pour myself a glass of wine when my mum wasn’t looking. When I was in high school, I would go out drinking with my friends of a weekend. We’d sit on a park drinking cheap sweet alcopops (all we could afford) and wake up the next day with not only a hangover but a sugar hangover too. It was much easier to get into clubs back then even if you were 16. Our strategy was just wear black. It makes you look older. When I finally turned 18 and went to university, I wasn’t really that interested in drinking that much anymore.

I’ve noticed that people use alcohol a lot to deal with their problems. I always remember hearing someone say that if you do that, the problem doesn’t go away, and then you end up with a hangover plus the remaining problem the next day. It’s a shame that alcohol can cause so many problems for families, ruin relationships, damage friendships, plus the poisonous effects it has on the body. I’ve heard so many people that they can’t have fun because they’re not drunk enough, or they can’t relax without a drink. I feel like that is a much deeper problem than just having a drinking problem.

Personally, I don’t mind enjoying a glass of wine or a bottle of beer with a meal. I actually like going to clubs and having cocktails. I’m quite introverted so the alcohol helps me to loosen up and dance! I think social drinking can be really good to blow off steam after work, or for helping to relax after a busy day. The problem lies in when it becomes a necessity and you can’t enjoy something without having a glass, or the only thing you’re looking forward to in your week is Friday night.


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